Every 10th person in the world may tested for corona : WHO

New Delhi: For this world suffering from the global epidemic coronavirus, this year trouble may increase. It is possible that one in every 10th person may get tested positive for corona. It has been estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO). In a statement, WHO said that every 10th person in the world can teste for coronavirus.

As true to who's claim, the number of corona-infected patients all over the world may be about 20 times more than the total number of patients found. WHO has also said that the world, which is suffering from the corona tragedy, has warned of a worse situation in the future. Dr Michael Ryan, chief of emergency programs at WHO, said, "These figures can vary from village to city, to different age groups. But this clearly means that most of the world's population has come under the threat of coronavirus. '

In a meeting of the 34-member executive board, WHO said, "The epidemic is still continuing. However, there are ways to suppress infection and save lives. Many deaths have been averted and many lives can be saved. '

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