Find out why World Migratory Bird Day is celebrated

Today is International Day of Migratory Birds. 15 years ago, on 10th May, 2006, the United Nations announced the celebration of this day for the conservation of migratory birds. This was also necessary because the greedy man started dacoiting the asians and food of these parindas, who had travelled miles across the borders of many countries, which continues even today. The target cannot be achieved without bringing about a change in it.

You will be surprised to know that 12% of the total known species of birds are endangered out of 9,900, out of which 192 bird species have reached a highly endangered condition. Considering bird life international and red data book, 19% of the total varieties of birds fall under migratory birds, 11% of which are included in the global threat list or potential lying in danger. While 31 species are on the serious danger list. Though organizations around the world are coming forward to conserve and promote migratory birds, these efforts seem inadequate. While these banjaras of the sky need to make personal efforts to shelter us in our fields, pastures and ponds. For their asians, we must first save our fields, barns, ponds.

Obviously, while there are treasures of natural wealth, these migratory birds camp. The lands, ponds, pastures, fields and barns in rural areas are all housing for these migratory birds. But the changing environment has also changed the nature of the environment of our villagers. Our migratory birds descended on the banks of these ponds after hundreds of miles of travel in pastures and fallow land. But now where do these birds stop in these changed circumstances? It has become a big question.

Many species of birds in the world travel thousands of miles every year to different parts of the world due to food, breeding, habitat, climate and security, which can be 4-5 months. The distance between these migration sites can range from 100 miles to thousands of miles. More importantly, these birds travel such a long way to the places where they visited last year, which the birds do without any maps and radar systems. It is amazing to cover such a long distance and reach certain places.

Today, the changing climate, increasing pollution, environmental imbalances have created a situation where human greedy tendencies have destroyed the habitats of these birds, created obstacles to their hunting and flight, as a result of which an important campaign was launched to celebrate World Migratory Birds Day to conserve these beautiful birds globally. We have to make personal efforts to give it permission, only then does this day have significance, otherwise there is nothing but hypocrisy.

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