World Rivers Day; A day to celebrate world's waterways

Sep 27 2020 05:44 AM
World Rivers Day; A day to celebrate world's waterways

Today is World River Day. It is customary to celebrate it every year on the last Sunday of September. In many areas of the world including India, World River Day is celebrated with full devotion and an oath is taken that the rivers will not be polluted and no one will be allowed to. But the question is, are these promises really fulfilled? It was started in 2005 to celebrate the waterways around the world. In the UK, Canada, America, India, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia and Bangladesh, many programs are organized to create awarness among people to save the rivers from being polluted.

Rivers have been getting more polluted than the last several decades, apart from being cleared. The condition of many rivers in India is very bad. Many flowing rivers have now become drains. Yamuna River is an example of this. The first National Water Policy was formulated in 1987 to preserve the beauty of rivers. In which many changes were also made. But until now, the result was not very promising. Germany and Japan's help was taken to clean the Yamuna. 

Modi government is trying to clean the Ganges. But no promising results are seen.  Union Minister Nitin Gadkari had said that 115 sewage treatment plants were being constructed in 7 states for cleaning Ganges at a cost of Rs 18,000 crore. Along with this, plans were also made to encourage cargo transportation through development of river banks and development of National Waterway-1 on Ganga. He has claimed that in the next 6 months, the condition of Ganga appeared to be better.

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