XBIRD to be listed on Binance, the largest cryptcurrency exchange
XBIRD to be listed on Binance, the largest cryptcurrency exchange

XBIRD announced that it will be listed on BINANCE, a Tier 2 company, on February 15. In its official blog on February 9, X declared, "We are launching peer-to-peer payments and unleashing new opportunities for people to communicate and transact commerce with a breakthrough product in 2024," reiterating its earlier plans to compete with PayPal, Visa, and even banks.


In support of this move, X has also received a new payment and trading license in the state of Utah, bringing the total to 15 states in the US. Meanwhile, Musk recently admitted in a conversation in X's community space that he still owns a large amount of DojiCoin, a rival crypto asset to Bitcoin that he once said he wanted to "make the currency of the earth."

Musk said, "I still own a lot of DojiCoin, and SpaceX owns a lot of Bitcoin." Tesla also has about $500 million ($74 billion) worth of 10,000 bitcoins, he said.

The market has been watching to see what the change of direction means for Elon Musk, who has stubbornly maintained that his interest in virtual currencies has waned.

Here comes the shocking news.

XBIRD, which is said to be Eron Musk's currency, has been confirmed for listing on the mega-platform Binance.

And as a next step, it will begin simultaneously listing on 30 platforms worldwide."

Since the announcement of its listing on the exchange on February 15, it had been expected that XBIRD would start listing on mega-platforms one after another, and finally, the listing on Binance, the world's largest platform, has been confirmed.
This means that we are rapidly approaching the center of the crypto world.

In addition, it was also announced that Elon Musk wants to transform his X (formerly Twitter) into an "app for everything," and as part of his plan to "revolutionize 2024," he will introduce a person-to-person money transfer function.

Eron Musk has arguably been the most influential figure in the virtual currency market over the past few years, and this time he is set to make an impact on an unprecedented scale.

With the Bitcoin ETF approved and the market maturing, the timing of the announcement may be an attempt to turn XBIRD into a crypto industry unicorn.

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