Yahoo faces the biggest data breach of all times !
Yahoo faces the biggest data breach of all times !

Yahoo got struck with the biggest data breach in the history of web companies. Yahoo called on customers to change their passwords and institute other protective measures, yet Yahoo faced problem as, the long-faltering company this summer agreed to sell its core business for $4.8 billion to telecommunications giant Verizon in a deal now clouded by news of the massive breach. Verizon said it learned of the incident only "within the last two days."

According to reports about 500 million of yahoo users accounts were into trouble. This was recorded biggest data breach. Such things take months or sometimes days to figure out and made public to customer, but the breach was so big that customers, business partner may thing of dropping of yahoo, as it’s not safe on this type of standard.

"The dark cloud this casts will be very long and will likely impact the merger agreement," Jeff Kagan, a Georgia-based telecommunications industry analyst, said in an email. "We'll just have to wait and see what happens next."

We hope Yahoo gets a quick recovery

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