Yogi government's big announcement regarding transfer system, know the matter
Yogi government's big announcement regarding transfer system, know the matter

Lucknow: Legislature budget session continues in the country's largest state UP and due to this many important bills will be passed along with the government can take many important decisions. In the same process, the Chief Secretary in the Yogi government, Rajendra Kumar Tiwari, said on Friday that a new formula for transfer and posting has been prepared for all departments other than the appointment and home department. Further, an integrated merit-based online transfer system is being created for transfer to all types of positions.

According to Rajendra Kumar, this new system is being released to bring transparency in the system and to ban bribery culture. He told that this will be an online transfer system based on merit and this type of system is already implemented in the Rural Development Department. He held a meeting on Friday and informed about how this system can be fully determined to its work. He ordered the officers that transfers should be started under it as soon as possible. The biggest challenge in this is to update the data of all employees on the online website.

Also, Rajendra Kumar said that on this website, there will be performance indicators to determine the merit of all employees, which will be public due to their transfer. He said that there will be no room for corruption in this system as the performance and ratings of employees will also become public. At present, all the departments have been asked to nominate a nodal officer for this work so that the merit-based transfer process can be tried from time to time.

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