Scientists have made a special discovery to beat heart disease
Scientists have made a special discovery to beat heart disease

Scientists have taken an important step towards finding a new cure. Scientists have started special research to end serious diseases of the heart. After which research has found that some cells associated with the immune system, ie the immune system, play a role in the development of the heart. Also, they play a role in determining how the heart beats in adults. Some correlation has been found in the immune cells B-cells and the inner lining of the blood vessels of the heart.

During this particular research, the hearts of the mice whose B-cells were removed from the body were found to be relatively small and contracted. Researchers hope that by understanding the activities of B-cells, it may be possible to find new and effective treatment for many serious heart diseases. Scientists estimate that B-cells also have an effect on other parts of the body.

For your information, let us tell you that a low-carb diet ie low carbohydrate diet is beneficial for the health of the body as well as the mind. Recent research has found that in those who take a low-carb diet, the effects on the brain are reduced due to age. Even such food is able to correct the effect already on the brain due to age. Scientists say that the symptoms of neurobiological changes associated with old age start appearing much earlier. These symptoms can be caught in the investigation before the age of 50 and if proper changes are made in the diet, then these effects can also be eradicated. For this study, data related to about 1000 people between the ages of 18 and 88 years were analyzed.

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