A major setback to the SDF in Sikkim, 10 MLAs join BJP
A major setback to the SDF in Sikkim, 10 MLAs join BJP

Gangtok: Ten MLAs of the Sikkim Democratic Front (SDF) have joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), all MLAs joined the BJP in the presence of BJP National General Secretary Ram Madhav. BJP Executive Chairman JP Nadda was also present during the visit. In the Sikkim Assembly elections, Pawan Kumar Chamling's party was elected to the SDF with 15 MLAs. Out of this, 10 MLAs have taken charge of the BJP today.

At present, Sikkim is the government of the Revolutionary Front (SKM) in the state and Prem Singh is the CM of Tamang state. Earlier, 10 Goa Congress MLAs had left the party and joined the BJP. At a time when the Congress and the JD(S) coalition government in Karnataka was close to collapse, 10 Congress MLAs had gone to the BJP together. In Goa, the Congress had more strength than the BJP.

Congress had a total of 15 MLAs, 10 of them joined the BJP. With more than 2-thirds of the number, the defection law could not be applied to these MLAs. BJP's membership campaign is going on all over the country. The BJP is in the process of joining leaders and big personalities. Senior leaders of other parties are constantly joining the party.

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