2 US scientists 'imprisoned' in Russia's capsule amid war, Unaware of the devastation of Ukraine
2 US scientists 'imprisoned' in Russia's capsule amid war, Unaware of the devastation of Ukraine

New Delhi: The world is on the brink of a third world war. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has frightened the whole world. Two American space engineers are imprisoned in a capsule in Russia. They are said to be unaware of the war. These scientists are involved in NASA's 8-month-long space experiment. While American citizens are leaving Russia as soon as possible, these scientists probably know nothing about the seriousness of the matter. 

In fact, NASA is doing an experiment. It is called SIRIUS 21. Its purpose is to know the real experience of astronauts. The 6 people involved in this experiment are imprisoned in one capsule. They also include two US scientists, William Brown and Ashley Kowalski. Apart from these, 3 Russian nationals and an Emirati citizen are also imprisoned in this capsule. As part of a NASA mission, the scientists entered the capsule in November and will remain imprisoned in it until July. There is only one way for them to contact the outside world and that is electronic letters. A coordinator involved in the experiment uploads those electronic letters to a secure server.

A colleague of William Brown told the media that he had a conversation with his friend even before the Russian attack on Ukraine. But now he doesn't know if Brown knows about Jung or not. They don't even know if they have been given any information after the war started. Brown has expressed concern for his friend. NASA is also not giving any information on this matter whether those scientists are aware of the war or not. NASA has also not said whether it wants to continue the experiment or plans to close it down. The special thing is that the US has closed its airspace to Russia. That is, no commercial plane of Russia can go to the United States anymore. 

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