The 22-year-old digital expert Mehul Suthar challenges millennial goals through his success journey

While the world was already in transition from being offline to online, the global pandemic hit the earth and everything changed forever. Digital presence became the prime source and that is also the period many digital experts came into play. Many new talents started getting the right limelight through the digital appearance. Even the number of transitional clients from offline to online increased. Mehul Suthar is considered one such digital expert with appropriate knowledge and freedom of creativity.

Mehul is a young 22-years-old boy from Rajasthan who moved to Gujarat in his teenage to look for the right opportunity. He started learning new techniques that would help the modern market needs for his clients. From being just an influencer, he soon got through few clients and started to forward his expertise as a Digital expert. He helped his strategies and plan the growth process on a digital platform. Sources also say that he was able to build a huge contact based on the small works he did in the beginning. His very first venture was his event management company ‘Jay Event Company’ did shine and this soon made him realize that he wanted to also work towards creating a social media venture. Mehul was just 18-years-old when he opened his own social media company ‘Social Fast Tag’ in the year 2016. He owns two Instagram accounts with a huge fan following and he has worked with many known model celebrities in the past.

Mehul Suthar also believes to give platforms to new talents and help them grow in the digital space. He has built many new challenges for the millennial crowd through his own success in achieving his dreams. He is now working on multiple projects and wishes to serve as many people as he can with a supportive team of his own.

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