500 notes suddenly started coming out of the ATM, a crowd of people gathered to pick it up.
500 notes suddenly started coming out of the ATM, a crowd of people gathered to pick it up.

Nagpur: A shocking incident has been reported from Nagpur district of Maharashtra. In this incident, due to a technical glitch, an ATM started withdrawing 5 times the amount. As soon as the news spread, people gathered in long queues to put money from that ATM. Later, when someone informed the bank about it, the ATM was closed.

According to a report received, the incident took place in Khaparkheda town of Nagpur district of Maharashtra. This happened in the ATM of a private bank. The matter of withdrawing 5 times the amount was opened when a man went to withdraw Rs 500. He got 5 5 notes of 500 from the ATM. On seeing the news of wednesday's case, it spread in the area, after which, in large numbers, people reached out to withdraw money from that ATM.

An officer from Khaparkheda police station said people kept removing the ATM from that ATM until a customer of the bank informed the local police. Police reached there as soon as they received the information and the ATM was closed. Thereafter, the police officers reported it to the bank. He said that due to a technical snag, 5 times the money was being withdrawn from the ATM. In fact, the incident took place due to a small inattention that took place while putting money in the ATM. While putting the money, 5-500 notes were placed in the 100-rupee tray. The ATM was dispensing the 500 note as a 100-rupee note. Due to this reason, on withdrawing 500 rupees, instead of five notes of 100-100, five notes of 500-500 were coming out. A police officer said that no case has been registered in the case so far.

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