57 illegal poachers of Raimona National Park surrendered, Assam govt gave financial help

Guwahati: 57 poachers from Raimona National Park surrendered before the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) in Assam on Wednesday. On the occasion of World Rhino Day, these surrendered poachers were provided Rs 50,000 to help maintain their livelihood.

Poachers from different locations of Raimona National Park surrendered 40 handmade weapons, illegal deer horns, several other weapons in the presence of senior officers before the BTC administration. Pramod Boro, a chief executive member of Assam's BTC, said, "57 poachers surrendered with weapons in a village near Raimona National Park, in exchange for cheques worth Rs 50,000 as financial assistance. We also request other poachers to surrender.''

Pramod further said, 'Since Raimona has been declared a national park, poachers have not been allowed to hunt and so many poachers are surrendering. The Assam government is considering honouring their move and to pay an amount of Rs 1.20 lakh keeping in view their financial well-being. This will help them to establish a new business.'

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