A girl called on 1098 and sent her father to jail for trying to rape her

Jul 13 2018 02:36 PM
A girl called on 1098 and sent her father to jail for trying to rape her
If a little girl knows right-wrong and how to deal with problems, then she herself will be able to solve many problems on her own. Nowadays little children are told about good and bad and they follow it very honestly. In Mumbai, something similar was noticed, where the 11-year-old girl pushed her father behind the bars. In fact, the lecture was given on the girl child's harassment and behaviour, after which the child herself called the child helpline 1098 and told the whole story and on Wednesday, the special court convicted her father for rape.
The incident is when the girl called on the helpline when she4 was tortured at home. She participated in the camp with the children's rights and resources in her school and she was looking for help. She told that his drunken father would sleep with the neighbour and beat the baby and his brother every night. She said that her mother was not there, so she called the helpline. 
Special Judge Milind Kurtadikar on Wednesday convicted the child's father, convicting the statements of 7 witnesses, including an NGO worker. Court has filed a lawsuit against Rape and Flirting under the Sexual Abuse and IPC under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO). The child said that when she first called in 1098, a social worker came and talked to her. She promised to talk to the father and went away. When she and his brother were beaten again, the next day she asked them to do something soon. When the NGO worker talked to the father, he refused to do so but still, there was no change in behavior. 
One day Suddenly the child found that her father was sleeping beside her. He sexually exploited the child and put his hands on the mouth and pressed her screams. The girl, who was badly disturbed by the incident, told this to the neighbour and the NGO worker, who asked him to write a report in the police. The father denied the allegation and said that the NGO worker is teaching the wrong to the child. 
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