A man smashed the head of 38 years with a stone who cut off his tongue earlier

Bengaluru: A Man was allegedly killed by five youths on Friday outside his home in Ravugodlu, close to Uttarahalli, by smashing his head with a stone as a year ago the deceased reportedly cut the accused’s tongue.

As per the complaint made by Sompangaiah, the father of the deceased man, Chandramouli alias Chandru S, police have opened a murder investigation against Mani, Lokesh, Vijaya, Maruthi, and Anand. As over a year ago, at their hamlet, Chandramouli is believed to have cut Mani's tongue. As per the information, Mani attacked Chandru to take his revenge. He also seeks help with the assistance of his buddies Anjani G, Mahesh, and Deepu alias Deepak.

According to the complaint, The deceased was single and jobless. He had slashed Mani's tongue over a trivial matter last year, and he was detained as a result. Mani was a member of the SC neighborhood. After reviewing Mani's medical records and considering the serious accusations against Chandru, the court first refused to grant him bail.

The photographs of Mani's tongue and medical records were provided by the prosecution. In April month this year, Chandru was granted bail. As per the information the accused said that at about 8 p.m. on Friday, Mani and others broke into Chandru's house and pulled him outside. Chandru was allegedly hit with wooden logs by the gang. Mani picked up a stone as the others closely gripped and smashed his head. Chandru died instantly as Mani slammed his head against a wall.

After commencing the heinous crime the suspects escaped. The Kaggalipura police have opened a case, and the killers are being sought after. As per the information, the rivalry started when Chandru had hired Mani's autorickshaw last year. Chandru later escorted him to the terrace of his house and three of Chandru's buddies were already there. During this, they protested Mani's verbal abuse of one of them and attacked him. They had cut off Mani’s tongue in a similar. Chandru takes revenge and kill the man in the same way.

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