Abgulf, a revolutionary Dubai-based job search platform, is poised to set new standards in the recruitment industry.

Dubai United Arab Emirates: Abgulf, the leading job search portal, is setting the standard for reinventing the employment sector with its unparalleled attributes for providing assistance to job seekers in uncovering their dream careers.

The world’s employment demand is seeing a 100% growth in the last quarter of 2022. Women employees being the top list with technological skills are high in demand. As the job market expands, job search websites stay competitive to provide a better platform for the employment sector to engage and monitor available job positions. However, as we move into the digital age, the number of online scammers and fraudulent activities promising job seekers are also increasing tremendously.

In line with this rising need for an apparent and evident job hunt portal, Abgulf has created its one-of-a-kind seamless platform with the implementation of the latest breakthrough technologies. Abgulf, established with the objective of providing an excellent job search platform is an all-integrated platform for job seekers and recruiters to find the best talent and relevant job roles in accordance with their skills and expertise.

The brilliant mind behind this ingenious solution has used the most recent human resource recruitment statistics, which has led to its widespread acceptance throughout the Middle East. The portal displays the most recent hiring and analytical figures, assisting job seekers in identifying HR trends and developments in recruitment strategies.

Furthermore, recent platform features have greatly assisted recruitment agencies, online recruiters, and direct employers in filtering CVs of job applicants in a more effective and efficient manner by utilizing Artificial Intelligence. These components have piqued the interest of the UAE's smart community, who recognize the platform's ease of use and versatility.

Abgulf was founded by an Emirati businessman, AbdallaAlshamsi, who is extremely passionate about providing services in the field of job hunting as a result of his personal experiences interacting with young, talented job seekers who face numerous trials and tribulations while looking for work in a country far away from their home. He interacted with them to truly comprehend their concerns and aptly designed "Abgulf", a perfect job search platform that is hassle-free and transparent in its operation.

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