Actress & Social Media Influencer Esha Jhanji On All The Love & Appreciation Coming Her Way

We all have dreams, and we all are working every day to achieve them. Esha Jhanji, a simple girl from Punjab, also had starry dreams in her eyes. The pretty lady is a huge Bollywood fan and always wanted to become an actress. While she's working every day to achieve this milestone, Esha made a name for herself as a popular social media influencer.

In today's time, people get a chance to show their acting chops on YouTube or Instagram reels. Esha Jhanji also decided to use these platforms to showcase her acting skills. Little did she know people will instantly fall in love with her talent and help her become one of the most love internet stars. 

About the love and appreciation coming her way, social media influencer and actress Esha Jhanji shares, "It makes me elated to see so many people appreciating my videos. There are fan pages with my name, and I love all these Eshians. They made me who I am and make me believe that I am soon going to achieve my big Bollywood dreams."

Along with her love for Bollywood, Esha Jhanji got interested in acting because of her school plays. The talented lady participated in several plays during her school days and was a part of school acting clubs. Even at that time, people around Esha showered her with praises for her wonderful performances. All this motivated Esha to keep going on and choose the profession of acting.

Well, very soon, we might see Esha in a big movie or music video. On social media, she is already ruling hearts with 753k followers on Instagram. People love her skills as a travel blogger, her reels, and how she styles herself in every pic or video. Many address the actress as a fashion icon. Check out her Instagram page:


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