Online games are becoming threat, these are the ways you can save your child

Bhopal: Suicide cases are on the rise in Madhya Pradesh due to its addiction to playing online games. Now recently another 5th student has hanged himself. In fact, this is the case of Bhopal. In Shankaracharya Nagar here, a class 5 student hanged himself in the afternoon by making a rope trap in a rod on the roof of his house. The student was reportedly fond of playing free fire games. When 11-year-old Kesuryansh Ojha was seen hanging from a snare in the room, the entire street was rocked. He was then taken to a hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.

This is not the first case, but there have been such shocking cases before. That's where psychiatrists give many opinions about this. According to a psychiatrist, such children with game addiction suffer from attention deficit hyperkinetic disorder. They lack concentration, which makes them more interested in things that change quickly. Depression, anxiety are also quite common. In such a situation, it is becoming out of our priority to teach children stress management, so children choose this path.

How to Identify Games Addiction-
The children began to stay far the farthest.
Do not eat without games.
Get angry at a small thing.
More attention on laptops, TVs as well.
They started to be sad.
They woke up late into the night.

Do this away from mobile-
Engage in small household chores.
Do activities like music and dance.
Do activities like walk-exercise.
Get video calls from their friends.
The pros and cons of the story.

What parents should do-
Listen to the children.
Give them full time.
Explain to them well.
Don't get excited about mobile.
Encourage you to study.
Don't give mobile for entertainment.

Disadvantages of game addiction-
Violent incidents.
Anger, irritability.
Bad behaviour of the family.
To harm oneself.
They take suicidal steps.

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