VIDEO: Girl cries out the pain of being Afghani, said this!
VIDEO: Girl cries out the pain of being Afghani, said this!

Kabul: Afghans are seen fleeing the country to escape the brutal Taliban rule. At present, there is an atmosphere of stampede and fear all over Afghanistan. There are thousands of people at Kabul airport who are eager to leave. Every person living there is trying to get out of the country in any way. Yesterday, some people died when they fell off a plane, videos of which also surfaced. Now, amidst all this, a video of a girl is going viral on social media expressing the pain of being an Afghani.



You can see the girl sharing her pain in the Afghani language in this viral video.  In this video, "Our being doesn't matter to anyone, because we're born in Afghanistan, she cries.'' the girl can be seen saying, "I have to wipe tears, no one cares about us. We will gradually end up in history.''

The video is only 45 seconds old, but in this video, the girl has made all the things that the people of Afghanistan are feeling right now. The video has been posted by Afghan novelist Khaled Hosseini on his Twitter account and has been viewed by several million people so far. Let me tell you all that with the Taliban's capture of Kabul, there has been a flood of people leaving Afghanistan. The view of the airport here has become like a bus stand and there is a crowd everywhere.

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