After getting frustrated from Son’s bad habit a mother took this thrilling step
After getting frustrated from Son’s bad habit a mother took this thrilling step

Many people have lost their homes due to alcoholism and many lives have been wasted. Recently, due to alcohol, a family has also been completely devastated. It is being told that son of this family living in Maharashtra State often used to drink alcohol and used to torture people at home. Mother was distressed by this act of her daughter, and one day mother worried her drunken son to be killed.

This incident belongs to a village in Osmanabad district of Maharashtra. According to the police, Ram Mahadev, who lived in the seaswani village, was addicted to alcohol and used to drink alcohol everyday. After drinking alcohol with friends, Ram Mahadev used to come home and make a lot of fun. His whole family was unhappy with the use of Ram Mahadev's liquor. One day when Ram Mahadev came home drinking liquor, Ram Mahadev's mother Hirkanabai Kavala got very angry with him and in an angry hearkanabai Kawale killed his drunken daughter.

According to police, on Tuesday, when 35-year-old Ram Mahadev was sleeping in his house, his mother Hirkanabai Kaval had attacked him with ax. Ram Mahadev was hit badly by attacking the ax and his death came on the spot due to more bleeding. While the news of this incident reached the police, the police arrested Hirananabai Kawl and took them to the police station.

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 Hirkanabai Kawale has told the police that his son used to drink plenty of alcohol and used to hit his wife by coming home. Because of the habit of Ram Mahadev's alcoholism, his wife had left him some time before and he went to live with his two children in the house of his parents. Even after leaving his wife, Ram Mahadev did not leave his alcohol addiction. One day while he was asleep, Hirakanabai Kawale hit him with a ax. According to Hirakanabai Kavle, his son used to harass family members and on Tuesday he got angry and at 1:30 in the morning he killed Ram Mahadev.

Hearkanbai Kawal has been arrested for the murder of his child and he is currently in jail. While the police is still investigating the matter and is engaged in ascertaining that there was no other reason behind the murder. Ram Mahadev's wife is being questioned by the police. On the other hand, there has been a lot of confusion among people living in the seaswani village since this incident.

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