Cyber attack on Delhi AIIMS was from China, official reveals
Cyber attack on Delhi AIIMS was from China, official reveals

New Delhi: The cyber attack on the country's prestigious medical institute AIIMS on November 23 started from China. Yes, and government sources have given information about this. Yes, today government sources have made a big disclosure about this and told that the AIIMS server was attacked by the Chinese, and investigation found that it started from China itself. Let us also tell you that in the investigation of the Intelligence Fusion Strategic Operations (IFSO) of the Special Cell of Delhi Police, the origin of the email ID used in the cyber attack was revealed to be in China. In fact, a senior official of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has informed that there was an attack from China on the AIIMS Delhi server attack.

Out of 100 servers (40 physical and 60 virtual), five physical servers were infiltrated by hackers. Data from all five servers have now been successfully recovered and secured. Let us also tell all of you that four AIIMS servers, application servers, a database, and a backup server were affected by the attack. In fact, the issue of a cyber attack on the main server of Delhi AIIMS was also raised in Parliament two days ago, when Congress leader Shashi Tharoor demanded a thorough investigation and appropriate measures to prevent such incidents from happening again. At the same time, Tharoor said in the Lok Sabha that till now the origin, area, and reason for the cyber attack have not been clear.

It also shows the weak data security measures of the government institutions of our country. Let us also inform you that there was a cyber attack on the main server of Delhi AIIMS on 23 November. At the same time, Delhi Police and other security agencies were initially considering it as a computer incident. Yes and the anti-virus license of all AIIMS computers had expired. Four servers of AIIMS, two application servers, one database, and one backup server were affected in the attack.

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