Air Force Chief's warning to the youth who are rioting against Agneepath
Air Force Chief's warning to the youth who are rioting against Agneepath

New Delhi: Warning the youths who are indulging in arson and violence on the streets in protest against the Agneepath scheme, Air Chief Marshal V R Chaudhary has said that he did not expect such a violent reaction. He has told the candidates involved in the demonstration that they may have to pay a huge price for it later because if the police verification is not cleared further, then they will not get a job.  

According to the report, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhary told the youths who were indulging in arson and stone pelting, "We condemn this kind of violence. It is not a solution. The final stage is police verification. If anyone is involved in this demonstration, they will not get clearance from the police. Let us know that: Amid the opposition to the 'Agneepath Scheme' brought by the central government, the Defence Ministry has made several big announcements on Saturday. A statement issued by the Defence Minister's Office said that 10 per cent vacancies in the Defence Ministry will be reserved for those 'Agniveers' who meet the requisite eligibility criteria.  

The Government has also made it clear that this quota will be separate from the quota given to ex-servicemen. At the same time, Union Minister Anurag Thakur also said, "I urge the youth that violence is not the right path. The government is seriously listening to your concerns. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports is also considering to do something for the Agniveers after 4 years of service.

Dr. Jawahar Suri Setty did this work to get the children back to school.

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