Akhilesh slams UP govt
Akhilesh slams UP govt "UP power hike will hit common man"

LUCKNOW: Akhilesh Yadav, the leader of the Samajwadi Party (SP), has slammed Uttar Pradesh government's proposal for a 23% hike in power tariff. He denounced the UP government's plan to hike electricity rates.

"For people who are already in shock at the price increase, this is the BJP's bombshell. The action will only make people's problems worse, "He said in a statement.

The SP chairman, home consumers will face the brunt of the power walk with an additional 23% increase in power costs. He said, "This increase appears to be the BJP's aim to further the price increase."

"The average person, farmers, and traders will be negatively impacted by the increase in the cost of electricity, which will also drive up prices. The poor, lower middle class, and middle class will therefore bear the brunt of this decision the most. But the BJP doesn't seem overly concerned about how higher rates will affect the underprivileged. It appears like government policies are merely putting the average person in crisis after crisis" he said.

"The BJP had promised free electricity to farmers for irrigation during the Assembly elections. But the promise has turned out to be a mere 'jumla' (statement) like many others that the BJP had made before the elections. People are already tired of paying escalating prices for food items, cooking oil, fuel, pulses, and grains of all types. Already under strain, the expense of schooling was rising. The rise in power prices is currently the final straw for the salaried, lower middle, and middle class in terms of their monthly budgets" he said.

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