Have you ever eaten a very special 'Noorjahan' mango? Rs. 1000 price per piece!
Have you ever eaten a very special 'Noorjahan' mango? Rs. 1000 price per piece!

Alirajpur: Mango is the king of fruits and people prefer to eat mangoes with great interest during the summer season. Although there are many species of mango, one of its species makes mangoes very special and expensive from other mangoes. In fact, it is cultivated in Kathiwara area of Alirajpur district adjoining gujarat border, 200 kilometres from Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

Locals claim that Noorjahan mango of Afghan origin. Shivraj Singh Jadhav, a farmer, said that the price of Noorjahan mango is coming up in good yields and  sized good as compared to last year. This season Noorjahan mango ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 1,000. He also said that there are about 250 mangoes in three Nurjahan mango trees in his garden, priced between Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 per piece and bookings for these mangoes have already been made. He also said that among those who have already booked Noorjahan mangoes are common lovers of Madhya Pradesh as well as Gujarat.

According to the information, Noorjahan mango is yielded in early June. Local farmers claim that a Noorjahan mango can be up to one feet long and its weighs between 2 kg and 3.5 kg.

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