All parties should be together on the GST bill, says Prime Minister
All parties should be together on the GST bill, says Prime Minister

New Delhi, Congress agreed to support the Narendra Modi government's effort to evolve a consensus on the Goods and Services Tax Bill and the Centre accepting its demand for a debate in Rajya Sabha.

As per the sources, "the BJP and the main opposition party Congress have decided to engage in further consultations over the long pending tax reform and the parliamentary affairs ministry planning a five-hour debate in Rajya Sabha. However, the date has not been finalized as yet."

The Congress, which is insisting on three amendments, said it was awaiting a written response from government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a meeting of the NDA that it should take along all parties and reach out to them for a consensus on GST.

"This session takes place before India's Independence Day...I have spoken to all the parties over the past few days. Everyone is in the mood to take the best decisions in the interest of the country", said Modi outside the parliament.

Asked if he was confident about passage of GST during the session, parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said "everybody wants that we should take it to its logical conclusion and that the government was ready to run the extra mile and had an open mind".

He added the government floor managers would walk up to the Opposition to reach out to all parties.

Congress Rajya Sabha MP Anand Sharma, said, "Finance minister has met us informally. We have raised our concerns. Now we are waiting for the government to come up with a concrete proposal. We are looking forward for a formal consultation on the bill".

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