Amazing Facts: Facts about France that will dazzle you

Apr 20 2019 08:30 PM
Amazing Facts: Facts about France that will dazzle you

Are you looking for France Facts? Then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a collection of 25 interesting facts about France as well as some general info.

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1. France is the largest country in the EU, and known as ‘the hexagon’ due to the fact that it has six sides.
2. France is the world’s most popular tourist destination

3. Beloved Paris was a Roman city originally. In those day it was known as “Lutetia”.

4. In addition to being the most studied language in the world after English, French is one of the “romance languages”. Along with Italian and Spanish, all of these languages have their beginnings in Latin.

5. The French Army was the first to use camouflage in 1915 (World War I)

6. Over one-half of the traffic roundabouts in the world are located in France.

7. In the Second World War, when Hitler visited the Eiffel Tower, the French cut all of the lift cables. This forced him to climb the stairs if he wanted to enjoy the view from the top.

8. In France you can marry a dead person

9. King Louis XIX had the shortest reign in history: 20 minutes. His father had abdicated the throne, and Louis followed him in abdicating in favor of his nephew.

10. France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away or destroying unsold food

11. During the Second World War, the Mosque of Paris protected French Jews from the Nazis by supplying them with Muslim Identification cards.

12. The most well-known bicycle race in the world, the Tour de France, began in 1903.

13. Keeping food fresh is easier thanks to the French. Nicolas Appert, a confectioner by trade, came up with the concept of canning foods, using sealed glass containers which were placed in boiling water. Pierre Durand came up with a practical way to preserve food in tin cans.

14. The guillotine was the official method of execution in France from 1792 until the death penalty was abolished in 1981.

15. A French woman is the world’s oldest ever human

16. The capital of France is Paris. It has a population of approximately 2.3 million.

17. The world’s first artificial heart transplant and face transplant both took place in France

18. In total land area, France is the largest country in the European Union.

19. Between 1814 and 1830 the official flag of the Kingdom of France was simply a plain white field with no other colors, symbols, or borders.

20. The French invented the metric system, the decimalised way of counting and weighing, in 1793

21. The Louvre Museum in Paris is consistently the most visited museum in the world. Over 9 million visitors go through their doors annually.

22. France has produced some of the world’s most influential writers and thinkers

23. For 214 years it was illegal in Paris for women to wear pants. This ended in 2012.

24. The highest mountain in France is Mont Blanc. At 15,780 feet, Mont Blanc is a part of the French Alps.

25. You might get a ‘fish’ stuck on your back on April Fool’s Day

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