Amazon fires are intensifying glacier melting even 2000 kms away
Amazon fires are intensifying glacier melting even 2000 kms away

,The fire in the Amazon forest is affecting the glaciers located two thousand kilometres away. A new study has also seen its impact in the Andes ranges of South America. According to the researchers, due to this, the glaciers here are rapidly melting. The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, found that aerosols (black carbon) made from burning of biomass from arson in the forests carry air with them to the Andean glaciers.

The researchers said, "These aerosols accumulate on ice and increase the rate of melting of glaciers. The glaciers also lose their brightness as black carbon particles fall on the ice sheet. This is called albido reducibility. 'Newton de Douglas Neto and his colleagues at Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil, prepared a model of the potential impact of the Amazon basin's biomass on the Bolivian Jongo glacier. For this, he used data collected from the years 2000 to 2016 by studying the incidence of fire, smoke, rainfall and melting speed of the glacier.

Let us tell you that during this time, the researchers took special care of the data of 2007 and 2010, because in the meantime, the highest incidence of arson occurred in the Amazon basin. Researchers also investigated 'snow albido reducibility' due to black carbon. Till earlier, dust particles were believed to be the reason for the snow to fade. Their model showed that black carbon and dust alone are expected to increase the annual glacier melting rate by three to four per cent and if both these factors work together, the ice melting rate rises by six per cent.

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