Consuming or possessing Ganja is no longer a crime: Joe Biden
Consuming or possessing Ganja is no longer a crime: Joe Biden

Washington: The Joe Biden administration has pardoned thousands of people convicted of possessing marijuana in the US. US President  Joe Biden announced this on Thursday (October 6). This step has been taken in the direction of making marijuana crime-free under federal law. Biden has said 'This decision reflects my belief that no one should be jailed for consuming or possessing marijuana.'

Biden went on to say that, because of our unsuccessful approach to marijuana, many people's lives have been disturbed. It's time to right the wrong things. Biden said people are being jailed for possessing marijuana, while it is not banned in many states. In a statement issued by Rashtrapati Bhavan, it was said that Biden mentioned the ways of handling the matter. He has also talked about the racial discrimination caused by it.

The US President said that white and black people use marijuana, but more blacks than whites are arrested for using or possessing marijuana. They are prosecuted and if proven guilty, they are put in jail. Let us tell you that, this decision of the President will benefit those people, whose names have been registered in the criminal record for keeping marijuana. These people lost many opportunities related to employment, home or education. However, Biden's decision does not include non-citizens who did not have a legal right to reside in the US at the time of his arrest. 

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