Opposition on cybercrime in Russia, union says, "No need to..."
Opposition on cybercrime in Russia, union says,

Washington: After the approval of the United Nations, Russia and many other countries, including the European Union, are opposing the proposal of drafting a new international treaty to fight cybercrime. On Friday the United Nations approved the proposal. In favor of this proposal presented by Russia to stop the use of information and communication technology for a criminal purpose, 79 votes were cast against it. During this time 33 countries were absent. On behalf of the European Union, the representative of Finland stressed that when the current intergovernmental expert group of the United Nations is already dealing with subjects like cybercrime, then what is the need of the new treaty

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Opposition to America: Despite the objections of the US, European Union, and other countries, a proposal was made to set up a committee of cyber experts around the world to stop the misuse of information and communication technology under this proposal. This committee will meet in August 2020 to outline its functioning. The US said global efforts will fail before voting in the General Assembly, US Deputy Ambassador Cherith Norman Shale said the proposal would undermine international cooperation to combat cybercrime. Not only this, it will also serve to thwart global efforts being made to tackle cyber crime.

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Work on new treaty started from 2021: According to sources, the representative of Russia said that the proposal mentions that the new committee will also have to take into consideration the recommendations of the expert group on cybercrime coming next year. The Russian representative said that work on the new treaty would begin in 2021.

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