Government's new rule, Spreaders of corona will be declared terrorist
Government's new rule, Spreaders of corona will be declared terrorist

Washington: The Corona virus, which has become a global pandemic. So far it has hit 190 countries and the government is also enacting strict laws to prevent it. America is also struggling with the global pandemic coronavirus and there is an increase in the number of corona infected patients. To prevent the infection of coronavirus there, the US Department of Justice has enacted an act to declare the spreader of coronavirus as a terrorist.

It is noteworthy that under the new order of the US Department of Justice, those who spread the infection of coronavirus to others will now be considered as terrorists here. According to CNN, Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen has said that those who deliberately spread the virus will be treated as terrorists.

According to a written order, those doing so would be considered as biological agents. Any such person will be arrested for spreading terrorism in the country. Under the new rule, there is a provision of life imprisonment if proven guilty.

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