NASA found water on the Moon's sunlit surface for the first time
NASA found water on the Moon's sunlit surface for the first time

Washington: Us space agency NASA has discovered water on the surface of the moon. The water has been discovered on the sunlit surface of the moon. According to two studies published on Monday, it is believed that more water may be present on the moon than previously estimated. This discovery will give a lot of strength to the space mission in the future. It can also be used for fuel production.

Two new studies published monday in Nature Astronomy suggested that more water could be on the moon than we anticipated. It also includes permanently present ice in polar regions. Previous research has found signs of water when scanning the surface, but these research failed to distinguish between water (H2O) and hydroxyl. Hydroxyl is a molecule consisting of one atom of hydrogen and oxygen. However, a new study has found chemical evidence that molecular water exists on the surface of the moon, even in areas where sunlight comes straight.

Using data from the Stratosphere Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (Sofia), the researchers scanned the moon's surface at a more accurate wavelength than before. "Reservist researchers believe that water can be inside small glass beads or any other substance that protects it from the environment as opposed to the outside," said Casey Honeyball, co-author of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetaryology.


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