In Andhra Pradesh: Jagan Reddy has made a barrage of gifts to the workers
In Andhra Pradesh: Jagan Reddy has made a barrage of gifts to the workers

Vijaywada: Newly elected CM of Andhra Pradesh, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, showered the staff with gifts. CM Jagan Reddy, the first ever secretariat, arrived in the morning on Saturday with the staff at the Griveles Hall. On this occasion, YS Jagan has declared 27 per cent inter-state relief (IR) to the employees. In addition, CPS has also announced cancellation.

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It also announced an increase in the salaries of out-of-the-soursing employees. During the announcement of CM Jagan Reddy, the staff welcomed him with thunderous applause. The slogans of YS Jagan Zindabad were raised. CM Reddy also announced that the decision on employees ' problems will be decided at the cabinet meeting on Sunday. He also said that every assurance given in the manifesto will be fulfilled. The cooperation of the employees is very essential to reach out to the people for the benefit of the government's schemes.

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YS Jagan Reddy said that it is normal for employees union leaders with the CM to remain closest. Because employees do this to get a solution to their problems. I do not disappoint whoever has been close to the CM in the former's government.


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