Another Shraddha murder case! 48-year-old murdered and kept in fridge, case will shock you

Hyderabad: A shocking incident is coming to light from Hyderabad where a sweeper found the severed head of an unknown woman covered in black at a garbage dumping site near Musi river. He immediately informed the police about this. Police have registered a case and formed teams to investigate the matter. Thereafter, checked the CCTV cameras.

After a search operation, the deceased was identified as Yeram Anuradha Reddy, 55, a resident of Dilsukhnagar. On further investigation, the police found that Chandra Mohan, a 48-year-old bachelor, was having an illicit relationship with deceased Yaram Anuradha Reddy. Anuradha was abandoned by her husband 15 years back. Because of this Chandra Mohan had kept the deceased in his house. She used to give money to people on interest. Meanwhile, Chandra Mohan had taken Rs 7 lakh from the deceased in the year 2018. The deceased was repeatedly demanding money back. That's why the criminal made a plan to get rid of her. As per the plan, in the afternoon of May 12, the accused quarreled with the deceased over the payment of Rs.7 lakh. Then attacked with a knife and made several attacks on her chest and abdomen. Due to this she died on the spot.

Thereafter, Chandra Mohan bought a stone cutting machine to dispose of the body. The head was cut off from the torso and kept in a black colored polythene cover. Then the legs and hands were cut off from the torso. The parts of the dead body were kept in the fridge. After this, on May 15, the criminal took the severed head of the deceased in an auto and threw it at the garbage dump site. Then the criminal came home with phenyl, dettol, perfume and incense sticks from the market. He regularly kept applying perfume on the body of the deceased, so that foul smell does not spread in the surrounding area. Also kept cleaning the house with phenyl and dettol. Meanwhile, the criminal took the mobile of the deceased and kept sending messages to her acquaintances. By this he wanted to assure that the deceased was alive and was living at some other place. At present, the police have arrested the criminal Chandra Mohan and sent him to jail.

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