International Day of Sign Language: The 'language' of people who can't hear and speak

International Day of Sign Language 2021:- This day is celebrated every year on this day i.e. This year, the International Day of Sign Language is being celebrated internationally in all countries on Thursday, i.e. 23rd September 2021. The purpose of this day is to teach the deaf people who speak the language with the gestures of the body.

Not only this, but the United Nations had also made an important announcement on 23rd September 2018 to celebrate the international day of sign languages. It was on this occasion that September was celebrated as International Sign Language Day every year.  According to the World Deaf Federation, around 7 crores 20 lakh people are deaf all over the world. Out of which 80 per capita people are living in developing countries. Which uses 300 types of sign language. People in the world who do not hear or cannot speak, who have very little hearing. Sign language is the only means of the world for all those deaf people.

So that they can explain to the other person what they want to say. For your information, tell you that like all other languages, sign languages have a difference between their grammar and rules. Sign language is a developing language and very important and useful for all deaf people in the world. Because of which it is also known as the mother tongue of deaf and dumb people. The difference is that in different countries of the world, there are different ways of saying the same thing to the people concerned through 'sign.'

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