'Red Cross' society stands for human service in every crisis
'Red Cross' society stands for human service in every crisis

New Delhi: The organization, founded in the year 1863 with the mission of protecting human life and health, the Red Cross is known for its volunteer work. It is an international organization, whose headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland. This institution has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in the years 1917, 1944 and 1963. The organization was founded by Henry Dudent, who was born on May 8. Hence Red Cross Day is observed on 8 May every year.

This institution works in coordination between the governments of countries around the world in times of war and peace. Its main function is human service. The main objective of the Red Cross Society is to provide relief to the troubles caused during war or calamity. Its main objectives have been to assist and treat wounded soldiers during the war, while the institution has been playing its role in various health and social services ranging from the blood bank.

This institution, which considers human services as its basic work, also helps the victims in a disaster like an epidemic. The red cross mark on the white stripe is the mark of this institution, which has a provision to impose a penalty for misuse and even the property of the guilty person can be seized. In the year 1934, the 15th International Conference recognized the principles of the Red Cross Society, after which it was implemented all over the world.

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