Delhi airport equipped with artificial intelligence to 'alarm' when crowds escalate

New Delhi: Artificial Intelligence (AI) based system has been put in place to manage social dissing at Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport during the crisis period of the corona epidemic. The chief executive officer of Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), Videsh Kumar Jayapariar, has informed about this on Tuesday.

He said that the roofs of terminal-3 have been replaced by sensors that will continue to show in the control room the number of people in which area. In violation of social dissing in any area, alerts will be issued with the help of AI and the concerned agencies will be alerted. Airport workers will go to that area and ensure social dissing. Let's say that this system works on the basis of the individual density index. The index is built on a scale of zero to five.

According to this scale, the index is less than one means that the density is low and the physical distancing is being fully adhered. Having an index between one and two means that congestion is increasing in that area. The index is more than two, showing that social dissing is not being followed there. When the index reaches one and a half, the concerned agencies get the news.

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