Australian Prime Minister warns Kanye West, says- "First you have to be fully vaccinated..."

Kanye West has been in controversy for a long time. Actually, he has been in constant discussions about Kim Kardashian and kept attacking her again and again. Every day some or the other news of him remains the subject of discussions on the media. But now the news that is coming related to him is something else and it has come in terms of security standards. In fact, Kanye West was reportedly thinking of a music concert in Australia in March and prior to that, Australian PM, Scott Morrison, in his address to the media, mentioned that if the rapper was allowed to perform in Australia. If there is a desire, then he is going to have to get fully vaccinated. Morrison's quote about West's vaccination status comes in the light of recent drama involving Novak Djokovic.

Will have to take the vaccine to perform Jick: After Australia deported tennis player Novak Djokovic due to his unvaccinated visa application for taking the Australia Open due to take place, Morrison issued a statement in response to whether he would approve West, whose own vaccination status To do a music concert in the country is unknown.

According to media reports in which Morrison has said, "The rule is that you have to get fully vaccinated. They apply to everyone, as people have seen recently. It doesn't matter who you are, those are the rules. Follow the rules - you can come. If you don't follow the rules, you won't be able to program."

Kanye's vaccination status has raised questions primarily after his statement surfaced in a 2020 interview with Forbes, where the rapper called the vaccination "the mark of the beast." The rapper reportedly told Forbes that he was cautious about vaccines, saying, "He wants to put chips in us, he wants to do all sorts of things, to make it where we can take the way to heaven." Can't cross."

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