Basmati Rice – Preserving the Flavour from Field to Fork
Basmati Rice – Preserving the Flavour from Field to Fork

Basmati Rice is a delicious staple and possibly the most delicious rice that originates in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range. It is known for its distinctive nutty flavour, light but firm texture and delicate floral aroma and it is due to these qualities that it is enjoyed by households all over the world on an everyday basis as well as special occasions.

Basmati rice undergoes a long and complex journey before it reaches the kitchen cupboard and it is therefore only right to make sure it is cooked properly before it is served.

Firstly, Basmati rice Is one of the few foods in the world that has been awarded a Geographic Indication tag to show that it must be sourced from specific areas of the Indian subcontinent where the climate and environmental conditions support its growth. Basmati rice needs consistent rain and high levels of humidity as well as local agricultural expertise to thrive.

Once Basmati rice is harvested, the grains are dried and aged for up to one year to allow the flavour to mature and flourish before it is packaged. Amira Nature Foods is one of the leading providers of Basmati rice and in the past, the company’s chairman, Karan A. Chanana, has explained the intricate process that goes into preserving the nutrition and flavour of the grains as they are prepared for distribution and consumption.

By the time Basmati rice reaches the kitchen pantry, often thousands of miles away from where it was grown, the work of the farmer and rice supplier is now done and it is time for the chef to take on the responsibility to ensure that this special grain, often referred to as the “King of Rice”, is honoured and served in its finest form. So, what is the best way to prepare and cook Basmati rice?

Cooking is both an art and a science and the science part is particularly important when it comes to Basmati rice as ratios and measurements are key. If you think of Basmati Rice as the delicate canvas on which your meal is painted, you will understand that it is imperative to ensure its texture provides the perfect base to your culinary art. And first impressions count. Basmati Rice should have a delectable light and fluffy appearance when served. Here are some simple steps to help you cook Basmati rice perfectly:

Basmati Rice Cooking Instructions

  • It is recommended that you allow half a cup of uncooked rice per serving.


  • The first step is to rinse the rice to ensure excess starch is washed away and that the grains will remain separate when cooked and that the rice won’t stick together or take on a gluey consistency. To do this, fill a bowl with water and soak the rice in it. Swirl it around and repeat the process and strain until the water runs clear.


  • For every cup of Basmati rice you are cooking, you should put 1.5 cups of cold water into a saucepan. Add half a teaspoon of salt into the pan for every cup of rice included. This causes the water to reach a higher boiling point and cook the grains more quickly. It will also enhance the taste of the rice as the grains absorb some of the salt.


  • Bring the rice to the boil, cover the saucepan and then turn down the heat and allow it to simmer for between 15 and 20 minutes until all the water has been absorbed. The rice should be soft but firm.


  • Remove the pot from the heat, put the lid back on and let it sit for up to 10 minutes. Fluff the rice up with a fork and now it is ready to serve!


And if you need any culinary inspiration to put your now perfect Basmati rice cooking skills into practice, Karan A. Chanana and his expert team at Amira created a range of delicious and innovative rice-based recipes which are available on the company’s website. Why not impress your friends at a dinner party with a saffron-infused Baked Paella? And the Kimchi and Prawn Rice Balls are the perfect accompaniment to serve at a drinks party while the Moroccan Rice Salad with Harissa Chicken, Apricots and Chickpeas makes for the most perfect exotic summer lunch.

Are you feeling hungry? We are… And these are just a few of the many wonderful ideas the rice specialists at Amira have come up with to create colourful and memorable culinary experiences to be enjoyed by all. Karan A. Chanana has spoken frequently in the past about his passion for Basmati rice because it is an accessible food staple that is nutritious and healthy. And with the right cooking skills, it can be so much more! Nature’s work of art to be preserved, enhanced and appreciated from its roots in fields of the Himalayan foothills to forks all over the globe.

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