“Believe in your dream, embrace it and create your own stories,” says Rishabh Lund, an artist manager

Rishabh, often memorialized for his notable work in the industry as an artist manager, is truly an alchemist. The self-assurance and the mere passion for the work that he possesses are some of the attributes that have helped him establish himself as a well-known name in the industry. 

This young artist faced a multitude of drawbacks during his initial days in the industry. However, with endless faith in himself, he turned the drawbacks into learning opportunities, learned the lessons, and flew above the hurdles: just like a pheonix. 

By successfully managing myriads of concerts and events held across the country for various occasions, Rishabh firmly believes to have grown as an individual. He feels that the experiences of his work have helped him thrive as an artist manager. 

After completing his BBA in event management, this young artist manager decided to pursue a career in the management industry and slowly began to climb the ladder of success. This young man, utterly filled with passion for his job, subsequently became a prominent name in the industry due to his dedication, passion, and consistency. 

When asked about his experiences and hurdles during the initial days in the sector, Rishabh said, “I started preparing myself mentally for the hardships from the moment when the thought of being an artist manager sprung to my mind. I was aware that it will be challenging. But as someone who loves to take on challenges, I used it as an opportunity to grow and learn from such hard times. The path was indeed challenging, but it wasn’t impossible. I kept reminding myself that I have to believe in my dream and embrace it in order to create my own success stories.”

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