Bharat Bandh: Farmers Set for Nationwide Protest on February 16
Bharat Bandh: Farmers Set for Nationwide Protest on February 16

Farmers across India are gearing up for a nationwide protest scheduled for February 16, Friday. The protest, organized by the non-political body Samyukta Kisan Morcha, aims to highlight various issues faced by farmers.

The protest, known as Bharat Bandh, will commence at 6 AM and continue until 4 PM. During this time, farmers will stage chakka jams on major roads across the country, causing disruptions in transportation.

In support of the farmers' cause, a group of public intellectuals and artists have issued a joint statement, calling on people from all walks of life to support the protest.

The demands put forward by the farmers include a Minimum Support Price for crops based on the Swaminathan formula, legal guarantee of procurement, debt waivers, and no increase in electricity tariffs. They also seek free electricity for farming purposes, comprehensive crop insurance, and an increase in pensions.

While the protest is expected to affect various sectors, emergency services such as ambulance operations, medical facilities, and schools will continue to function normally.

Meanwhile, talks between farmer representatives and the government have been ongoing. A panel of three Union ministers is scheduled to meet with protesting farmer leaders to discuss their demands. Previous rounds of dialogue have remained inconclusive.

Farmers from Punjab have been camping at the borders of Punjab and Haryana, demanding that their voices be heard and their concerns addressed by the central government.

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