Big Cos must take responsibility to handhold MSMEs, says Goyal
Big Cos must take responsibility to handhold MSMEs, says Goyal

NEW DELHI: Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal on Monday urged leading organisation to take responsibility to handhold Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), help them adapt best practices, and integrate them into the supply chain ecosystem.

Speaking at the Gandhinagar B20 India Inception Meeting's fourth plenary session on "Building Resilient Global Value Chains," the Union Minister said that MSMEs thrive around a larger unit or anchor.

He gave the example of how thousands of MSME businesses thrive in the ecosystem as micro value chain suppliers to Apple when its manufacturing facility is built.

The Commerce Minister added that MSMEs are more able to adjust to changing conditions than huge corporations because they have more real-world solutions, daily experiences, and have learned their lessons the hard way.
He said that MSMEs connected to large enterprises need to be supported by these organisations.

Goyal stated in his talk that "we must also endeavour to make it easier for small businesses to run, eliminate needless paperwork, make customised processes simpler, and leverage technology to ease and streamline operations."

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