BJP gets bad defeat even after 5000 small and big rallies, impose all kinds of plans
BJP gets bad defeat even after 5000 small and big rallies, impose all kinds of plans

The BJP exerted its full force in the Delhi elections. To win the election, the BJP held 5000 small and big rallies, gatherings and quick roadshows of veterans like Home Minister Amit Shah, President JP Nadda after an army of 300 MPs, 50 Union Ministers. Despite this, the BJP was unable to overcome the Aam Aadmi Party in the capital of the country, even a quarter of its number could not be touched. Despite the overwhelming victory in the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP is in the lead due to successive defeats in the assembly elections. In the last nearly 13 months, the party faced defeat in 6 states.

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After the disappointing defeat, the strategists of the party believe that in the election, the strategy of almost extinction of the Congress and the party's plunge in the election on the issue of mere nationalism was overshadowed. On the issue of Shaheen Bagh, where the Muslim votes were greatly polarized in favor of AAP, on the contrary, there was no parallel polarization of Hindu votes on the issue of nationalism. Particularly in the Lok Sabha, the party got 20% of the votes in addition to the core vote, with the free schemes of the Kejriwal government.

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The difficulty for the BJP is that the slogan of nationalism is not running in the states. That too when the party abolished Article 370 after the Lok Sabha elections, in the meantime, a historic decision came in favor of Ram temple on the Ayodhya dispute in the Supreme Court. It was only after the election that the Modi government brought the Citizenship Amendment Act and made the performance of minorities in Shaheen Bagh the main issue against it in Delhi elections.

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