BJP will conduct seminars to clear concept of Citizenship Amendment Act
BJP will conduct seminars to clear concept of Citizenship Amendment Act

Dehradun: In the midst of the controversy over the Citizenship Amendment Act, now the BJP will remove the doubts of the people by organizing seminars from place to place. BJP has also issued a form on the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act. Protests are also taking place in Uttarakhand against the Citizenship Amendment Act. In view of this, BJP has decided to organize seminars to clear the doubts related to this Act in the state. Before organizing the seminar, the BJP has also issued a form to inform its officials about the Act.

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It has been noted that the information related to the Act has been published in this form, and why the Central Government had to bring this Act. It is stated in the background that the Act is related to granting citizenship of India to religious minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. In these countries, Hindus, Sikhs, Parsis, Jains, and Buddhists have been persecuted for the past several decades. According to the form, from the Pakistan Embassy, 5 thousand Hindus come to India every year. In 1947, Mahatma Gandhi announced in the General Assembly that Hindus who want to come to India can come to India.

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In the form, quoting the Union Home Minister Amit Shah, it has been said that this act is not against the Muslim community. It has been said that the opposition is making a narrow interpretation of Article 14. As per the Supreme Court, the right to equality under Article 14 is very broad. In the BJP Resolution Letter 2019, BJP had expressed its intention to bring the Indian Citizenship Amendment Bill.

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