Former England cricketer DeFreitas reveals, 'I received death threats, hate letters'
Former England cricketer DeFreitas reveals, 'I received death threats, hate letters'

On the one hand, in the midst of the ongoing campaign against racism in every corner of the world, former England all-rounder Phillip Defreitas has said that he too was a victim of racism during his career. He said that he was also threatened when he was active in cricket, saying that if he represented England, he would be shot. The 54-year-old defreitus, who took 140 wickets in 44 Tests for England and 115 wickets in 103 ODIs, said that he received such threats at times that affected his international career as well.

Defreitas said, 'I received a threatening letter from the National Front, in which it was written, "If I play for England, I will be shot". It happened not once, but two or three times. He said, 'The police was taking care of my house. At that time I had a sponsored car with my name and I had to remove my name from it. Two days before the Test match at Lord's, I was thinking in the hotel whether to play or not? Will there be anyone with a gun?

He said, "In such a situation, how could I focus on playing cricket for England with full commitment but I did not want to let those people dominate me." Defreitas, who played for England from 1986 to 1997, said that during this time he did not get any support and he had to defend himself. He said, 'I did not get help from anywhere, did not get any support. I had to face it myself, it hurts a lot but even after this I am proud of my achievements.

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