Brazen Abduction in Gwalior: Unidentified Men Forcefully Kidnap Woman Near Petrol Pump
Brazen Abduction in Gwalior: Unidentified Men Forcefully Kidnap Woman Near Petrol Pump

Gwalior: In a shocking incident in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, a woman was kidnapped in broad daylight by two unidentified men, and the entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras. The video footage reveals a man on a bike waiting near a petrol pump, while another man forcefully drags a woman and compels her to sit on the back seat of the bike. The second man attempts to join them on the bike but ends up chasing after it for some distance. The incident occurred on Monday morning.

According to the woman's family, who had recently arrived in Gwalior, they had disembarked from a bus, and the woman took a young child, traveling with them, to use a toilet near the petrol pump. Subsequently, the child rushed back, reporting that someone had taken his sister. The family witnessed a man running after the bike, with the woman, who was not sitting properly, crying. Nearby individuals also heard her cries.

The family promptly reported the abduction to the police. According to Rishikesh Meena, the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), the family had stopped at a petrol pump after getting off the bus. While unloading their belongings, the miscreants seized the woman and sped away on their motorcycle. The police initiated a swift search operation upon receiving the information, utilizing CCTV footage from the petrol pump to identify and apprehend the culprits.

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