'Attack on Hindu temple, abuses PM Modi,' still foreign media hiding sins of radicals

London: A video of the attack on a Hindu temple in Birmingham, UK, is going viral on social media. Here, a mob of Muslim fundamentalists mocked and assaulted the Hindus present inside the temple by calling them cow urine drinkers. In this video, it is clearly seen that the Islamic attackers shouted Allah-hu-Akbar and also misbehaved with the police force that arrived for security. This video has been shared by Twitter user @INSIGHT_UK on social media. The first video is 2:10 minutes long.

In this, the person making the video has called Hindus urine drinkers and bastards. In the same video, Islamic fundamentalists can also be heard abusing the Hindus present in the temple. After half of the video, the police reach there and try to remove the attackers from the temple. During this time it is clear that the attackers not only push the policemen but also attack the women policemen with bottles. However, the bottle did not hit the policeman. In the meantime, the police move towards the video maker and chase the crowd from the temple wall. As soon as the police push, the radical mob starts shouting 'Allah-hu-Akbar'.   


In another video shared by the same handle, the Islamic mob is heard calling Hindus racist. During this time, slogans of Allah-hu-Akbar are constantly being raised behind. Meanwhile, the person making the video turns the camera towards him and abuses, calling the Hindus urine drinkers again.  However, the face of the video maker is not visible, he had his face covered. In this video, it can be clearly seen that the attackers are also using obscene language against women police officers.   

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In the third video shared by the same handle, the person recording the abuses the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. In this video too, dirty abuses have been given to Hindus calling them urine drinkers. In this video, a man is seen climbing the wall of the temple. Outside the temple, an Islamic mob wearing a black masks is creating a ruckus. The policemen are trying to remove them, but the attacking crowd is getting entangled with the police.

Let me tell you that Sadhvi Ritambhara was to come to a program at the temple where the attack took place in Birmingham. The Islamic mob had attacked this tour as an excuse. However, Sadhvi Ritambhara did not attend the event due to ill health. Even after Sadhvi did not come, the Muslim mob did such an act to terrorise Hindus.

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Explain that calling Hindus drinking cow urine is the language of terrorists. In the 2019 Pulwama terror attack in which 42 soldiers were martyred by Pakistan-backed terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, a terrorist was heard calling Hindus cow urine drinkers in the video. The terrorist was Adil Ahmad Dar, who was confessing to his involvement in the Pulwama terror attack.

Foreign media reporting fakely in favour of fundamentalists:-

At the same time, despite all this being open, foreign news channels like The Guardian and BBC, instead of revealing the truth about Muslim fundamentalists, are blaming Hindus for this violence by hiding them. In the United Kingdom (UK), Muslim mobs targeted Hindus and committed violence. Some of its videos had also gone viral on social media, in which fundamentalists were seen raising objectionable slogans against Hindus and attacking them. But even after all this, the international media, which claims to be fair and professional, instead of raising its voice for the aggrieved Hindus, started defaming them and doing biased reporting to save radical Muslims. It also included a well-known media organization like the BBC. In fact, 'The Guardian,' while writing an opinion article, gave a reverse definition of 'Hindu nationalism' and blamed Hindus for the violence committed against Hindus by Muslims. The media outlet not only blamed Hindus for the violence in Leicester but also equated Hindutva and "right-wing fundamentalism."

Aina Khan, a journalist with the UK-based left-wing media outlet The Guardian, had claimed that "well-believed" people were guarding Hindu temples in Leicester, while the reality was that Hindus were attacked by Islamic fundamentalists in a group and even said that just as these Hindu dogs were driven out of Kashmir, now they (Hindus) should be wiped out from Leicester. In 1990, Kashmiri Hindus were massacred by Islamist militants, thousands of Hindus were killed, their sisters and daughters were gang-raped and millions of Hindus fled Kashmir fearing Islamic militants. However, even at that time, the international media was engaged in covering the sins of fundamentalists in the same way as it is covering today. Now Aina Khan of 'The Guardian' continuously defamed Hindus through articles and her tweets in the media institution and spread fake news to save fundamentalists.  

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