Called the fiancee to meet and said - 'Close your eyes, I will surprise you...', then the soul will tremble knowing what happened

Visakhapatnam: A shocking incident has come to light from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Where a girl tried to kill her fiancé. Actually the parents chose a boy for the daughter's marriage, which the girl did not like. Then he called the boy to meet him. Due to the meeting, the girl asked the boy to close his eyes to surprise him and attacked his throat with a knife. In which he got seriously injured and has been admitted to the hospital, where he is battling for life and death.

The incident happened in Chodavaram, Visakhapatnam. The injured Ramu Naidu and Pushpa were to get married next month, police said. 22-year-old Pushpa is a school dropout, while Ramu Naidu is a scientist at CSIR, Hyderabad. Ramu was liked by her parents for marrying Pushpa. Both were engaged and on May 20, both of them were going to get married. But Pushpa did not want to do this marriage and had refused her parents for this marriage. But the family members were insisting on him.

On the same Monday, Ramunayudu had gone to Anakapalli to meet his fiancée Pushpa, where both of them first went shopping and then went to the hill of Saibaba Ashram. Thereafter, the girl asked her fiancé to surprise her and tied her eyes with her dupatta and slit her throat with a knife. In which he was seriously injured. After the incident came to light, the girl told a false story of Ramu's injury to the police that he had fallen from the motorcycle. But the injured Ramu gave full information about the incident to the police in his statement. Now the matter is being investigated by the police.

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