CarryMinati dropped out of 12th, today known for his comedic skit, has more than 30 million subscribers in YouTube

Jun 12 2021 10:04 AM
CarryMinati dropped out of 12th, today known for his comedic skit, has more than 30 million subscribers in YouTube

'... To kese ho ap log?' This is a line and the person who says it continues to trend on the Internet. If you are a little too active on social media, you must have understood that we are talking about CarryMinati (Ajay Nagar). Today, he turned 22, that on 12th June, Carrie Minati is a well-known YouTuber who has set many records. He is having the highest subscriber on YouTuber in the country. In addition, his video 'Yalgaar' is India's most liked (10 million+) video on YouTube. Tiktok vs YouTube controversy seems to have proved to be a boon for Carrie. In the same way, Carrie Minati is credited with bringing roasting culture to India. Before Carry, very few people knew the roasting culture in India. Roast culture is a type of humor. It mocks the person being roasted in a dirty manner.

CarryMinati The boy who runs the YouTube channel is Ajay Nagar. Ajay Nagar, 22, is a resident of Faridabad. Carrie started her early studies at Delhi Public School (DPS). Carry was not interested in studies from the beginning. At the age of 10-11, he created his first YouTube channel 'StealThFearzz'. Here he used to make and post different types of videos. However, the channel did not succeed much and did not get a good response. Carry then created the second channel 'Addicted A1'. There he started mimicry of the stars. Carrie mimics many big stars there. The channel was later renamed 'Carrie Deol'. He made headlines when he roasted noted YouTuber Bhuvan Bam. Thereafter, their subscribers increased at a faster pace. He made YouTube his profession. The last time he changed his channel name to 'Carry Minati'. Here he started entertaining people through FaceCam.

Carrie had also dropped out of her 12th examination because of her passion. He also received full support from her family. He did not study because he was busy on YouTube all year. A day before the 12th Economics paper, he asked his father for that he will not write the exam. After that, Carry continued her studies from open schooling. Speaking of family, apart from mom and dad, he has a brother named Yash Nagar. He is known as 'Will Frankie' on social media. He is a guitarist and works in music production. Yalgaar rap song has also been composed by Yash.

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