CBI Accuses BRS Leader K Kavitha of Coercing Aurobindo Pharma Promoter in AAP Payment Scandal
CBI Accuses BRS Leader K Kavitha of Coercing Aurobindo Pharma Promoter in AAP Payment Scandal

New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has revealed startling details in a special court hearing regarding allegations against BRS leader K Kavitha. According to the CBI, Kavitha purportedly coerced Aurobindo Pharma promoter Sharath Chandra Reddy into paying ₹25 crore to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for retail zones under Delhi's excise policy.

Reportedly, Kavitha threatened Reddy, stating that failure to comply would result in harm to his business interests in Telangana and Delhi. Reddy, previously implicated in a money-laundering case linked to a liquor scam in Delhi, had become an approver in the Enforcement Directorate's (ED) investigation.

The CBI sought Kavitha's custodial interrogation, highlighting her alleged role in enticing Reddy into the liquor business in Delhi. It was claimed that Kavitha assured Reddy of support from influential contacts within the Delhi government.

Further revelations suggested that payments totaling ₹80 lakh were made to Kavitha's NGO, Telangana Jagruthi, under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by Aurobindo Reality and Infrastructure Private Limited. Additionally, Kavitha purportedly pressured Reddy into a sale agreement for agricultural land in Telangana, insisting on a payment of ₹14 crore.

The investigation also unearthed transactions totaling ₹14 crore made to Kavitha through bank transfers. Allegedly, Kavitha demanded an additional ₹25 crore from Reddy for the retail zones allotted to him.

In response, AAP accused Reddy's company of contributing ₹59.5 crore to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) through electoral bonds. Delhi minister Atishi alleged that Reddy purchased electoral bonds during the formulation of the excise policy, with subsequent transactions benefitting the BJP.

The unfolding scandal sheds light on the alleged nexus between political figures and business interests, prompting further scrutiny and investigations.

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