ChatGPT to raise custom feature free to users
ChatGPT to raise custom feature free to users

New Delhi:- OpenAI has announced that it will now allow all users, even those on the free tier of the service, to have more control over how ChatGPT responds by expanding custom instructions. The new addition, announced in July as a test version for ChatGPT Plus customers, lets users tell the AI chatbot what they want and need it to consider when it gives them a response.

This feature helps users save time. They don't need to write the same instruction prompts over and over again when they use the chatbot.

For instance, you can tell ChatGPT to limit the length of its answers or change the way it responds.

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With the new feature in July, OpenAI showed that a teacher can use ChatGPT to make a lesson plan without having to keep reminding that they teach 3rd grade to get the right response.

However, developers who are using the feature can ask the chatbot to give answers in the languages they like or remove the ones they do not prefer.

The company previously mentioned that by talking to users in 22 countries, they learned that the ability to steer their models is very important. This helps the models to accurately represent the different situations and individual needs of each person.

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But, up until now, you could only get customized instructions if you paid $20 per month for a ChatGPT Plus subscription. Now, both free and Plus users will have the option available on iOS and Android devices. Also, OpenAI says that you can now use personalized instructions even if you don't have chat history turned on.

To use custom instructions, start by clicking on your name. Then, choose "Custom instructions" to begin.

This function will become available to more countries in the European Union and the United Kingdom. The company will say it soon.

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ChatGPT now allows users to use custom instructions for free. This feature makes tasks easier by using prompts or not using prompts to get different results.

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