Child accused of stealing packet of biscuit gets beaten up
Child accused of stealing packet of biscuit gets beaten up

Recently, a new case of crime has come up full of humor. On the charge of stealing only one packet of biscuits, a minor child has been beaten with a pole. According to the news received, the police reached the information of this case and are engaged in investigating the case by taking the child into custody.

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According to the information received, in Saidpur Milki village of Hisua police station area of the district, people were tied and beaten to lightning pole to catch a minor child on the charge of theft and immediately came to the news as soon as the news came to the police. . In this case, the villagers say, "He went to Bhatu Chauhan's shop for theft but did not steal it."

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The child caught there is said to be from the adjacent village and police have taken the child into custody on the information of the people. Talking in-charge of Hisua police station said, 'The child has been accused by the villagers of stealing a packet biscuit and the child is being questioned and the matter is being investigated.' This case cannot be called the first such case but instead, many such cases have come up before which have surprised everyone.

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